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University of Ilorin: Some admission requirements

1. Admission by Entrance Examination –

The Entrance Examination is conducted by
JAMB. In addition to attaining required
standard in Entrance Examination, candidates
must satisfy the general University as well as
specific Faculty requirements.
For the general requirement, candidates must
obtain at least a credit pass in subjects at
GCE O’ Level or approved equivalent at not
more than two sittings. (See tables for specific
faculty requirements).

2. Admission by Direct Entry

Candidates must posses one of the following

1. Two passes at the Principal or
Advanced Level with GCE O’ Level
approved equivalent credit passes in
three other subjects at not more than
two sittings.

2. Three passes at the Principal or
Advanced Level with GCE. O’ Level
approved equivalent credit passes in
two other subjects at not more than
two sittings; (Passes at the Principal or
Advanced Level may be obtained at the G.C.E. A’ Level, HSC. or IJMB).

3. Passes in two recognised NCE
subjects with G.C.E. O’ Level credits
equivalent in three other subjects.
Education is accepted as a third Level
subject for those taking courses in

4. Candidates who successfully pass the
final examination of the following
Institutions shall also be considered
eligible for admission.

1. The International
Baccalaureate obtained from
accredited Institution with
relevant grading.

2. National Diploma from
Polytechnics or Colleges of
Technology-only applicable to
some faculties (See table on
special Faculty requirements).

3. The Defence Academy
Certificate as moderated by
the University of Ibadan.
Other conditions to note:

1. No subjects may be counted
at both O’ and A’ Levels.

2. General Paper at HSC or in
any other examination will not
be accepted as a substitute
for English Language.

3. B.Ed. (Sandwich/Part-Time)
Students are expected to combine Education
with any of the following subjects: Science,
Mathematics, Language Arts (English or
Yoruba Only) and Social Studies. The following
subjects are accepted for Social Studies:
Economics, Geography, Government, History, Political Science and Social Studies.

5. A. Remedial Programme
An applicant must pass the SSCE/GCE O’
Level in English Language, Biology, Chemistry,
Mathematics and Physics, or in their respective fields with Credit level
passes in at least three (3) of these subjects
at not more than two (2) sittings.

1. Faculty of Agriculture will accept credit
pass in Agricultural Science in lieu of
credit pass in Biology.

2. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
requires credit in Chemistry,
Mathematics and Physics.

3. Faculty of Health Sciences will admit
only a few of the successful
candidates of the Remedial Students
of the Faculty of Science at the end of
the programme.

B. Eligibility:
The programme is open only to candidates
from the catchment area of University of Ilorin.
The Centre for Research, Development
and in-house Training (CREDIT)
The Centre for Research, Development and
in-house Training (CREDIT), University of
Ilorin was established in 2008 for the purpose
of promoting excellence in research,
development and in-house training that will
enhance optimum performance of the University’s staff in its bid to attain a world-
class status.
The Centre promotes
translational research for economic and
developmental opportunities.

To be a world-class centre for the promotion of research, development, innovation and

To coordinate research, development and
training activities that will enhance optimum
performance of staff and students.

CREDIT translates research findings into
usable products that can solve societal and
global problems, which would in turn provide
growth and development opportunities. We
bring the town-and-gown together and ensure
that research discoveries do not end on the shelves.
Our core objectives are to
i. formulate new research policies and
undertake periodic review of existing ones in
line with international best practices;
ii. source for and disseminate information on research grants and fellowships;
iii. attract research grants from outside the
University and outside the country;
iv. coordinate research discoveries and
inventions, patenting and commercialization of
research products; v. cooperate with other national and
international Centres with similar research
vi. serve as a linkage between the university
and the industry and
vii. organize seminars and workshops for staff on topics relating to staff development.
We organize training and development
programs designed to improve individual and
organizational performance in addition to
assisting the University in achieving its overall
institutional goals. We welcome researchers from the industries,
research institutes and Universities from all
over the world.

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