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Your old ways of  life cannot open new doors, everyone is
fundamentally the same but self discipline makes the difference. Every
man is born with potentials but it is self discipline that transforms
potentials into realities. Self discipline is self mastery, it is
putting your entire system under pressure to bring the best out of
yourself which eventually makes you to be a wonder to your world.
Discipline means letting go of short term gratification to prevent a
spelling duplication in order to enjoy the manifestation of what is
ahead. There is nothing small that cannot be made big and there is
nothing big that cannot be bigger, it is all at the cost of self
The history of Nigeria will be defective without the inclusion of
Obafemi Awolowo who coined the name “Naira” for the Nigerian standard
monetary unit, helped  in  financing the civil war and preserve the
federation without borrowing. He established the Western Nigeria
television (WNTV) which was the first television station in Africa, as
if it is not enough, he erected the first sky scraper in tropical
Africa (cocoa house in Ibadan).
This same man was conferred with the honor of “GCFR”, an honor that is exclusively for President. All these did  not happen in the club house, neither in the viewing
centers or on long hours of unnecessary talks, it happened on a
platform of self discipline.
“When others are busy cavorting in dark alleys (in deep sleep), I am
busy working myself to the dozen at night  in my library”… Obafemi
Awolowo. I deliberately not talk about the whites so as to make us
more humble.The giant is in you, unleash it through self discipline!.
The blacks have majored a lot on rest which has done us more harm than
good. I have never heard of David Oyedepo, Aliko Dangote, Warren
Buffet, or Zuckerberg being hospitalized, this men are over 60 years
save for Zuckerberg, who developed themselves beyond school, yet
regular customers of hospitals are those who sleep more than 12 hours
per day. America is what it is today as a result of the sacrificial
sleeplessness of their leaders. It is your sense of responsibility
that takes away sleep off  your eyelids and opens your mind to great
thoughts & deep meditation which gives you information that brings
about transformation in your world. 
Sleep and poverty are Siamese twins that has accelerated the world in a backward direction. If you
sleep away your life now what will you be doing when you are 70, what
will you be doing when you are dead?. It is so sad that Africa revel
in the culture of anti-intellectualism, Nigerian libraries is in
decrepit state despite #17billion contract awards. 
Be determined to choose the best course to follow, subject yourself to night study,
alone moments, moments of critical thinking that brings about
“hyper-result” and not “hypertension.” To have a lifestyle void of
discipline is to die without honor, everything in your life will
multiply base on the knowledge that you are opened to, never sell off
your future with irresponsible life style; you are absolutely
responsible for the outcome of your life.
                 T.O ADEKEYE(08162947310)
               University of Ilorin,ilorin
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