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Why you shouldn’t expect second semester break


Considering the fact that covid19 has done more harm than good in every sector, even in the educational sector globally.

It is no more news that unilorites have used over 2 months at home because of the compulsory holiday/coronAsuu break.

The fact remains that second semester is always short and always have a long break, which is the sessional break.

The pandemic that the world is currently battling with has changed many plans, and it will change many plans.
Second semester ought to be 3 months plus and considering that there would be Student Union election and some other activities in second semester.

There are two possible things that is likely to happen.
1) School might rush things to balance up the calendar and of course, Passion-led administration will intervene.. But nobody knows what the school management are planning.

2) Students will use the normal 3 months + for second semester academic activities and other things.
But the sessional break will be 14 working days at Maximum.
And all breaks; religious, public etc. Will be minimized to the core.

Students should prepare for the worse.
Get over fear, concentrate and be serious
The future is in our hands, let’s write it well.
Best of luck to everyone.
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