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Willing, Able, Ready – Awe Jesujoba Isaac


Here’s an outstretched memory in respect to the daring, lion-hearted heroes
who never stopped fighting for our shelter, our freedom,
and breathed their last breaths in honour of our redemption,
surrendering their high price lives so tenderly, to take the pledge
for us, their high price John/Jane Q. Public.
The valorous exploits of your readiness to fight still lingers in our mind’s eyes’,
you will never be forgotten, soldiers-at-arm.

A badge of dignity, a green beret for prestige,
a rank of noble pride, and an oath of courage until doomsday,
for the ones who wrestled spirit, soul and bodily until the sun set on their flesh and blood.

Gandoki was able, more than capable,
a dogfighter, a stronghold guardian, and a merit leader; man o’ war!
Blasts of guns had deafened his eardrums but,
he was a profound man of war, built for the rock hard times, hard as nails.
His qualifications beat the scale, making him ruthless and agile as a leopard.
A dog tag, a camel bag and a knee guard for the battle ground—
A special force battalion.

He was a valiant General, widely known for his ability, dexterity,
and belief in the strength of his bloodthirsty troops;
he took on war, exchanged shots, plied the weapons in fury
and rose above in worthiness.

Be that as it may, it was tough as nails, those eighteen guttural hours of battle,
that crawled by like years on the war front with insurgent militias;
Alas! it was a slit, a slit at the verge of victory made him succumb;
a bonafide triumph in the end,
he fell as some forest lion, fighting well.

These are the chronicles of the fallen giants,
the ones who promised to be back before dawn but never returned from the bush ambush,
and those who returned, who returned to no food, no shelter, they laid in dusty classrooms and harsh stinks;
in rain, in drenched uniforms, still yet, ready to defend and bring home more glory to the republic,
in shine, where beads of sweat drop down and hit the ground in an agonizing menace like a thirsty gazelle, willing, able and ready,
for all that,
victory is from God.

(In memory of the fallen Nigerian soldiers. Roll out red carpet, respect.)

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